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Defence and Security
Event Brief

Electronic warfare is essential for Armed Forces to maintain its military superiority.  Electronic warfare provides access to the battle space, degrades our enemy’s capability to attack, and, most importantly, saves lives.  It ensures that military operations, be they in the air, in the sea, or on the ground, are conducted on our terms.  Electronic warfare has three main components: electronic support, electronic attack and electronic protection.

Modern electronic warfare demands the use of electromagnetic spectrum to effectively deny the use of this medium by an adversary, while optimising its use by friendly forces. Developing and fielding modern electronic warfare systems have become increasingly complicated and expensive. As technology evolves, so do the challenges in detection, avoidance, electronic warfare and countermeasures.

EW is completely joint and combined in nature, as are modern operations and net-centric organizations. EW and associate capabilities must be coordinated across the whole operational force to meet a mission’s requirements.

Course Objective
Essentials to Electronic Warfare is a 3-day course that will provide an overview of Electronic Warfare concepts and operations, where the attendee will be introduced to EW terminology, the electromagnetic spectrum (EMS), environment conditions and operational support considerations.  The course will look at Electronic Support (ES), Electronic Attack (EA) and Electronic Protect (EP), the three pillars of Electronic Warfare, their capabilities, limitations, supporting technology and how the three pillars are dependent on and support each other.
Course Agenda

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Who Should Attend

The intended audience is working professional in Electronic Warfare or related fields. This would include system users/operators, system engineers, program/project managers, defense contractors, researchers and delegates who would like to learn how their systems and related products are utilized in Electronic Warfare operations and support.

Training Venue
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For more information about the event, please contact +65 8363 3065 or email marketing@k2binternational.com

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What past delegates said about our past training courses?

The trainer is very knowledgeable and the materials was very well organized and delivered. We have gained a comprehensive understanding in radar system for radar application. Thanks a lot!.”

Senior Member of Technical Staff, DSO National Laboratories

Radar Systems Design and Engineering, July 2012


K2B International has a good selection of trainer. The trainer is knowledgeable and his presentation was clear.”

Research Engineer, Electronic Systems Division, DSO National Laboratories

Radar Systems Design and Engineering, July 2012


The course was well presented and the trainer showed good knowledge of topics.”

Senior Software Engineer, ST Aerospace

Radar Signal Processing 2010